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Showdown Throwdown @ World of Dance Dallas 2014

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Showdown Throwdown @ World of Dance Dallas 2014

1 vs 1 Open Street Styles Battle

Hosted by:
Choi One

Sound by
Dj Preist (CCC5/SPB/TBB)

Bout It (Femme Fatale)
Babygirl (ill MILF/Black Sheep)
Kirk (HaviKoro)

SHOWDOWN THROWDOWN is an “Open Street Styles” dance contest that seeks to challenge its’ competitors through the various environments of street dance. There are 3 challenges the victor must overcome. First is the Open Circle preliminary round; where our judges will chose 12 dancers to advance. Second is an on stage Call Out Battle, where we will introduce 8 invited dancers (not from the preliminary group). And last is a head to head elimination bracket system. There can only be one winner.

The Open Circle Preliminary Round [30 Minutes]

a) Three Individual Dance Circles happening simultaneously
b) One Judge per circle

Judgment criteria
-Dance Skill & Charisma
-Circle Etiquette

Judges choose top 4 from their individual circle to advance to the next round.

The Call Out Battle [20 Minutes]
a) Dance Circle
b) All advancing dancers from the preliminary round
c) Introduce our invited 8 dancers

Judgment criteria
-Battle Approach
-Dance Skill & Charisma
-Circle Etiquette

Judges choose the overall top 16 dancers advancing to the elimination round.

The Head-to-Head Elimination [72 Minutes]

Top 16 = 2 rounds per dancer (limit 1 minute per dancer)
2 Songs Played
Top 8 = 2 rounds per dancer (limit 1 minute per dancer)
2 Songs Played
Top 4 = 3 rounds per dancer (limit 1 minute per dancer)
3 Songs Played
Final Battle = 3 rounds per dancer (limit 1 minute per dancer) 3 songs played

All judges choose simultaneously immediately after each battle

Invited Top 8:
1. Qreus (United Bboys)
2. Solbot (Rock Solid)
3. Neptune (Texas Elite Krumpers)
4. Blackie Chan (Take it Easy)
5. Juggernaut (Texas Elite Krumpers)
6. Xcercist (Outer Body Experience)
7. Friidom (For the Everyday Hero)
8. Valkary (SWAT/Rocksolid)


World of Dance Orlando
Saturday, April 19th, 2014
3141 N. Orange Blossom Trail
Kissimmee, FL. 34744
3PM - 11PM | All Ages Event


As a dancer, The World of Dance experience fuses together free standing competitions involving multiple formats of “urban” dance. Whether you are a versed choreography team, a competitive duet, or a free styling dance individual, The World of Dance Tour has a competition for you. Our competition strategy lends itself to each market’s unique formats of dance.

As a spectator, The World of Dance not only features localized and globally renowned urban dancers, but also features several entertainment zones creating a unique lifestyle experience. By weaving together industries like clothing, art, fashion, and music, The World of Dance has become an event of endless entertainment for all to experience.


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