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Events This Week

  1. Style Warz

    (1v1, all-styles, b-boy, b-boys, battle, battles, bboy, beatz n pieces, boogie monstarz, championships, class, compete, competition, cypher, cyphers, dance, dancers, dj, djs, doors, exhibition battle, fallen kings, floor gangz, funk, funksters, grooveology, ill flavored rejects, jam, judges, knuckleheads cali, lionz of zion, open styles, open-styles, performance, performances, poppin, quest crew, sac modern, showcase, uncomfortably fresh, vip, workshop, workshop , workshops, zealous)
    Saturday, November 22 - 2:00pm
    The Assembly, Sacramento, CA, US
  2. Prelude NorCal Urban Dance Competition 2014

    (abba modern, aca hip-hop, barkada modern, competition, dance, gigi torres, groove against the machine, haluan, hip hop dance, hungry bumz, judges, main stacks, prelude, press p.l.a.y, project m, samahang modern, show, truelement, urban dance, vip, vip sj)
    Saturday, November 22 - 5:00pm
    Performing Arts Center, Chabot College, Hayward, CA, US

    (dance, performance, thepeople)
    Saturday, November 22 - 9:00pm
    The New Parish, Oakland, CA, US
  4. Funkanometry SF Dance Company 2014 Auditions!

    (audition, auditions, choreographers, choreography, course, dance, dancers, funkanometry, funks, hip hop dance, judges, performance, the company, training)
    Sunday, November 23 - 7:00pm
    city dance studios, San Francisco, CA, US
  5. Music by Cali

    Tuesday, November 25 - 8:00pm
    Room 389, Oakland, CA, US
  6. Oakland In The Black

    (club, show)
    Friday, November 28 - 12:00pm
    Oakland, CA, Oakland, CA, US
  7. Advanced Acro Workshops with Master Teacher Thorsten at Athletic Playground

    (popping, session, sessions, workshop, workshops, ws)
    Friday, November 28 - 6:00pm
    to Sunday, November 30 - 8:00pm
    Athletic Playground, Emeryville, CA, US

Events This Month


    (bboy, bboys, dj/, djs)
    Sunday, November 30 - 1:00pm
    6655 mission dalycity war memorial, Oakland, CA, US
  2. KNT presents GROOVE THEORY (Fri Dec 5) w/ Mind Motion, Vinroc, J Boogie and Miquel guest host Chuy Gomez at Mercer

    (dancing, dj, dj , djs, vibe, zulu nation)
    Friday, December 5 - 10:00pm
    MERCER, San Francisco, CA, US

    (2-v-2, 2v2, b-boy, b-girl, battle, battles, bboy, bgirl, breaking, champs, circle of fire, compete, competition, cypher, djs, floor gangz, headhunters, judges, prelims, profowon, renegade rockers, soul shifters)
    Saturday, December 6 - 2:00pm
    Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, San Jose, CA, US
  4. City Dance : Onstage 2014

    (academy of villains, baile, dance, dennis infante, flamenco, funkanometry, groovmekanex, lockers, performance, performances, project m, rocko, show, workshops)
    Saturday, December 6 - 3:30pm
    Cowell Theater , San Francisco, CA, US
  5. Montage Dance Competition 2014

    (boogie monstarz, club, competition, dance, emerson aquino, funksters, hungry bumz, judges, showcase, wrawsome)
    Sunday, December 7 - 5:30pm
    Carrington Hall, Redwood City, CA, US

    (2v2, b-boy, battle, bboy, bgirl, boogie brats, breakers, dance, dj , dj's, floor gangz, hip-hop, judges, performances)
    Saturday, December 13 - 1:00pm
    War Memorial Gym, Daly City, CA, US
  7. "EPIC" 4 vs 4 B-boy/B-girl Battles - A Fundraiser for Hmong Story 40

    (4 vs 4, b-boy, b-girl, battles, club, dj, dj , doors, floor gangz, judges)
    Sunday, December 14 - 1:00pm
    5212 Lemon Hill, Sacramento, CA 95824, Sacramento, CA, US

Future Events

  1. Versus (High School Vs High School)

    (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, all styles, breaking, dj , judge, nastyray, open sessions, playboyz, style elements)
    Monday, December 29 - 8:00pm
    Future Arts Now, San Jose, CA, US
  2. Justin Timberlake Flash Mob Classes!

    (choreo, choreographer, classes, flash mob)
    Wednesday, January 14 - 8:00pm
    LEVYstudio, San Francisco, CA, US
  3. Breakthrough Dance Competition 2015

    (choreographers, competition, dance, groove against the machine, main stacks, poreotics, press play, rhythm inc, the company)
    Saturday, April 4 - 6:00pm
    Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton, CA, US

    (dancin, dj's, djs)
    Saturday, July 4 - 12:00pm
    Grand Lake/Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA, US
  5. POPPING & STRUTTING FOUNDATION with Agatron & Jett jaguar

    (battle, bionic, boogaloo, breakers, class, crew battle, footwork, lesson, playboyz, poppers, popping, robotting, showcase, shows, strutting, turfing, tutting, waking, waving, workshops)
    Friday, July 1 - 5:45pm
    San Francisco , San Francisco, CA, US

Ongoing Events

  1. FutureArtsNow! Presents Hip Hop Dance Classes for Youth

    (classes, hip hop, hip hop dance, popping, session)
    Future Arts Now, San Jose, CA, US
  2. Clas/sick Hip-Hop: 1993 Edition

    (band, breakdance, classes, contemporary, dance, dancers, disciplinary, djs, doors, hip hop, hip hop dancers, hip-hop, performance, performances, waacking)
    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, US
  3. Britney Spears "Work Bitch" Dance Classes

    (choreographer, choreography, class, classes, dance, flash mob, live performances, performances)
    MetronomeSF, San Francisco, CA, US
  4. Identity X Preview Night

    (collaboration, competition, competitions, dance, dancers, maxt out, performance)
    Haas Pavilion, Berkeley, CA, US

    (3 v 3, bboy, club, dj, dj , flexible flav, judges)
    Sheldon High School, Sacramento, CA, US
  6. Lady C Soulshifters (Canada) | Workshop & Session

    (all night, all styles, choreographer, circle of fire, class, course, dance, freestyle dancer, house dance, session, soulshifters, workshop)
    MVMNT Studio, Berkeley, CA, US
  7. Bad Unkl Sista - Fall Training Classes

    (class, classes, doors, lock, training)
    San Francisco, California, San Francisco, CA, US
  8. House Dance Basics with ShinobiJaxx in SF - Sept-Dec 2014

    (choreographed, class, club, footwork, house dance)
    ODC, San Francisco, CA, US
  9. Funks First Sundays + Funkanometry SF Weekly Adv Company Class

    (choreographers, class, classes, company class, dance, funkanometry, funks, hip-hop, master class, the company)
    city dance studios, San Francisco, CA, US

    (all night, dance, dancing, dj , djs, drink specials, headhunters)
    55 South, San Jose, CA, US
  11. HOUSE: FREEDOM & MOVEMENT CLASS with Joseph Nontanovan

    (class, cypher, street dance)
    1155 5th St #108, Oakland, CA, Oakland, CA, US
  12. Open House Bay Area

    (club, dance, dancers, house dance, open house bay area, practice, session)
    MVMNT Studio, Berkeley, CA, US
  13. RUTHLESS CITIZENS DANCE CREW: 2nd Round Workshops

    (choreographers, dance, press p.l.a.y, sac modern, training, workshops, world of dance)
    UC Davis ARC, Davis, CA, US
  14. Spartans' Best Dance Crew 2014

    (competition, dance, doors, hype)
    SJSU Morris Daily Auditorium, San Jose, CA, US
  15. B-Boy Thesis + Toyz Workshop | Sacramento Edition

    (b-boy, dance, knuckleheads cali, lionz of zion, massive monkeys, workshop, workshop )
    Assembly Music Hall, Sacramento, CA, US

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